Tiger Boom Mower/Ditcher $2,000/Wk. $6,000/Mo.

Tiger Prowler (Remote Control) $2,000/Wk. $6,000/Mo.

Tiger Claw (Shouldering Disc) $500/Wk. $1,500/Mo.

All of the Tiger Boom Mowers have front wheel assist. We do limit the distance that we will haul the mower. In some instances, additional delivery charges may be incurred. The Remote Controlled Prowler requires training. Call for more information.

The customer is responsible for cleanup and providing proof of insurance. A week is figured at seven days or 40 hours whichever comes first. A month is figured at 30 days or 160 hours whichever comes first. If any rental unit is returned dirty or with burnt asphalt, a substantial cleaning fee will be added. Other restrictions may apply.

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